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Founder and CEO of MaeB4UNaturals 


The beginning of an Entrepreneur

Hello Mae B Babes and Bosses, my name is Andrea Pinkett owner (C.E.O) of Mae B 4 U Naturals LLC. I create handmade products for women as well as men that cleanse, exfoliate, moisturizes and helps elevate unwanted blemishes. In my early years, I started doing hair which ended up becoming a passion of mines and developed more thru out Cosmetology school. I later decided to research more about Natural hair and skin, therefore giving me a better understanding of what our hair and skin needs in order to flourish properly. In doing so, this is how Mae B 4 U Naturals LLC began.

The inspiration behind the brand

Mae B 4 U Naturals is also an extension of my great childhood growing up in New York City. My grandma Jessie "Mae" was always the life of everything. Growing up she always depicted what beauty was and she had the most beautiful hair and skin. I always spoke to her and said, "Grandma I want my skin and hair like yours". She always made going to the salon a family fun event. That's when I learned just how important it was to take care of our body so it can take care of us (as she always reminded me of).


As this Journey continues

Now today even though Grandma Jessie "Mae" is now in Heaven she has blessed me with beautiful hair and skin and I'm thankful for her strength and knowledge she has given to many. Though Mae B 4 U Naturals LLC has just launched, it was developed within me as a young child.

Thank you, Grandma Jessie Mae!

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